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Morgantown Pride provides social and educational resources for the LGBTQ+ Community, Friends and Allies in Mon. County. Our main focus is to sponsor and participate in events and programs that enrich the Morgantown community and affirm the value of LGBTQ+ people within our community.

Board of Directors

Ash headshot

Ash Cutright

(genderqueer/nonbinary – they/them)

I did not come out as genderqueer until I was twenty-six years old. Coming out, for me, felt like coming home. I finally felt comfortable and proud of who I was becoming as a queer person. Since coming out, I’ve made it my goal to advocate, educate, and flight for our queer community.

Rozzy headshot

Rozzy Lauderback

Vice President
(lesbian – she/her)

When I was in Preschool I was suspended after fighting with other children because I wanted to play house with two moms. I’ve been a passionate member of the LGBTQ+ community for as long as I knew the colors of the rainbow. Most importantly, I take pride in being a good advocate for our community, and mentoring LGBT youth here in Morgantown.

Alex headshot

Alex Miller

(lesbian – she/her)

I was at a dinner party, expressing the dilemma that is having a crush on a girl for the first time. So friends sat me down, intervention style, and broke it to me that they all thought I was queer for a long time. I was extremely receptive and immediately was like “okay this is who I am and that makes a lot of sense.” It has taken me years to really grow into my identity, it felt safer to come out as bi before coming out as a lesbian. Sexuality and identity grows and changes and transforms. Right now I am an extremely proud lez and I will continue to be so until that doesn’t feel like me anymore.

Sarah spot headshot

Sarah "Spot" Poteracki

Social Media Coordinator
(bisexual – she/her)

I lived in denial until I was 18 when I went to Chicago Pride the day after the legalization of same-sex marriage! A girl tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I liked girls. I said “I don’t know!” She then asked me if I would kiss her in front of some protestors for a photo. I said yes! I remember sitting on the train home later and thinking “oh. oh gosh.” My friend gave me this knowing look and that was it! I entered undergrad that fall being publicly out around campus. I came out to my mom and grandma on National Coming Out Day in 2017 and then publicly on National Coming Out Day in 2018!

Cassie headshot

Cassie Perry

Social Media Coordinator
(lesbian – she/her)

I came out to my sister as a lesbian when I was 15. Even though I knew she would accept me, I had never felt so terrified. But I had also never felt so strong and loved after I received her complete support.

Elizabeth headshot

Event Coordinator
(bisexual – she/her)

I only came out about two years ago when I met my partner, Kati. Before then, I knew that I was attracted to women, but didn’t act on those feelings. I was a little nervous to explore that side of my sexuality, and preferred to be with men because I thought that it was easier. However after Kati and I started hanging out as friends I came to realize that I like liked her. Somehow I got the courage to express my feelings, and lucky for me she felt the same. So now I endeavor to live my life honestly, and proudly and I am very excited to work with Morgantown Pride to help others who are questioning who they want to love, and what their identities are.